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Learning is the critical activity for ongoing professional development and personal effectiveness in the digital age.  Continuous Learning requires easy access to relevant digital media resources to educate, engage, and enlighten.

The OTJ Media Library is an open source resource providing FREE access to thousands of rich media resources curated for learners within all roles and levels.  Combining open source technology, skill standards and free media resources to offer on-demand personalized learning and development.

Continuous Learning for Leaders at all Levels

Enabling Self-directed Development

Enhancing Social Collaboration

Engaging Informal Learning for ALL Job Roles

Supporting Digital Readiness and Upskilling

Comprehensive Digital Media Learning Library

Playlists Indexed to Work Functions and Future Focused Skills

Learning Pathways covering all aspects of the Digital Economy

Continually Updated to Ensure Role-based Relevance 

Refresh Course Library with Engaging Digital Media Assets

SMART Curation Process

SPECIFIC: Content Indexed to Critical Work Activities and Important Job Skills

METADATA:  Data Model Capturing Key Variables for Rapid Personalization

ACCESSIBLE: Open Media with Engaging Videos, Podcasts & Articles

RELEVANT: Designed for Practitioners in ALL Roles and Levels

TIME-BOUND: Continuous Curation Ensures Currency

Digital Library by the Numbers

  • Digital publishers (400+) 

  • Media is open access (10,000+)

  • 90% published in last 3 years

  • 50+ learning pathways

  • 500+ media playlists

  • 4,500+ videos

  • 3,500+ podcasts

  • 2,500+ articles

Skills Taxonomy: Culture Playlists


  • Organizational Leadership

    • Culture

      • Culture Design
      • Culture Communication
      • Cultural Norms
      • Culture Change
      • Culture Case Studies
      • Culture Measurement
      • Culture Leadership Behaviors
      • Culture Scenes in TV/Movies

Learning Pathways: Partial List

  • Digital Disruption

  • Digital Transformation

  • Digtial Readiness

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • Talent Data & Analytics

  • Organizational Culture

  • Change Management

  • Innovation Leadership

  • Corporate Governance

  • Business Model Development

  • and many more…

Subscription Plans

  • Free Preview site

  • Free Access Site with Email Registration for Practitioners

  • Library Licensing for Enterprises and Vendors


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